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However, as they travel back to the Leviathan, two German zeppelins appear and send out commandos to capture them.

Unfortunately, one of the zeppelins escapes, and the Stormwalker is severely damaged by an aerial bomb, making it impossible to stand up and repair. Barlow and a bright idea from Alek, the two groups decide to combine their technologies and leave together as one group.

The crew fights back and defeats the planes, but not before the great whale’s hydrogen bladder is severely punctured.

The airship crash-lands in Switzerland on the very glacier where Alek’s group is hiding.

Deryn dreams of joining the British Air Service and to serve on one of the great air beasts.

In order to do so, she must pose as a boy ("Dylan Sharp").

Alek revives her and claims unconvincingly to be a Swiss villager.The Austrians dismantle the Stormwalker and use its engines to replace those lost by the Leviathan.The Austrian engines prove to be much more powerful than its previous ones, propelling them quickly away from danger and Herkules, a deadly Clanker ship . Barlow reveals information about a fabricated ship in England that was sold to the Ottoman Empire but then taken back by Winston Churchill despite being paid in full, thus creating tension between the British and the Ottomans.The novel closes with the Leviathan continuing its flight towards Constantinople with Alek watching the mysterious eggs that will hatch into some unknown fabricated species.Deryn (Dylan) Sharp: Despite her father having been killed in a ballooning accident, Deryn longs to be in the sky and free, as her mother and aunts try to dress her up and force to her be a proper lady.

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