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Beachbodydating com

I had a longing to feel accepted and a longing to be loved by someone.

The longing to be cared for and the longing to protected.

It also can be tied into every other area of your life. Not settling for a life where everyday you wake up just hoping to get by. Take on God’s mindset and ask Him to show you the way.

The Steve Harvey Show is a talk show that airs on television Monday-Friday.

This came from a deep rooted issue that stemmed from not really being close with my father or mother growing up.

It led me to turn to outside sources to try and fill the hole that only my parents and God could fill.

I’m not just trying to find the next available good looking guy to be with that may have some potential to be my husband. Bringing this full circle, to today, I can proudly say that my standards aren’t based on what I think might work. When I question who I am I go to His word to remind me of all the wonderful things He has to say.

Here’s the truth: you’re absolutely perfect and worthy of love, just the way you are.

As one of my favourite quotes from Muhammad Ali goes, “Ain’t nothing wrong with going down.

It’s staying down that’s wrong.” There’s no rule that says you have to keep dating. ” or “You’ll feel better if you just keep things moving!

In 2013, when I started working closely with my spiritual pop he started to change my whole view on relationships period. I never understood what it meant to have a relationship based on Christ.

It is why I always say, “be careful about who you allow to speak into your life.” He was for me and wanted me to understand the “God perspective” of relationships and how I am not just dating to date. I was always just trying to make it work and didn’t think that God would really give me the desires of my heart. With my bad days, unsure days, depressing days, not-so-good days, I know I can still turn to Him and He is there.

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