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Chris coffer dating

He has worked hours in gym and this has made him look like a handsome man.He looks very good when he chooses to go shirtless.Although Kurt's crush is unrequited (so far), Criss' character Blaine—a prep school kid with an angelic voice—is proudly gay.In real life, Criss, 24, is just as comfortable with his sexuality as Blaine is... "I think it's more empowering to everybody, including myself, if I'm articulate about identifying myself as a straight male playing a gay character," the actor says in the Hollywood issue of magazine.I was friends with older guys—they were who I looked up to.It wasn't until later that I put together that they were gay."So we know that Criss is straight, but we also know that sexuality is complicated—and that's a lesson that his , Glee creator Ryan Murphy hints that Blaine may find a love interest besides Kurt... "Blaine will openly question whether bisexuality is real," says Murphy.This young actor has been very positive in his occupation with his acting skills.This achievement of him has given him unlimited earnings with an amazing net worth of million dollars.

He was born in a place called Clovis, which lies in California of United States of America.The names of his parents are Timothy Colfer and Karyn Colfer must be very proud of what their son has attained in his great career and even they know more is yet to come, as he is so brilliant and so hard working.He is a star and there is no doubt information on him and his biography can be simply gripped from widespread wiki sites such as Wikipedia. He also was seen in a making of The Sound of Music as the personality Kurt von Trapp, the melodious protagonist Maria von Trapp's stepson.On June 8, 2011, Colfer contracted a book contract with Little, Brown and Company to write two books for children.The sequence monitors twins Alex and Conner as they mysteriously travel from side to side a prized book of stories and have journeys in a land where they come frontal with the fairy story charms they raised up reading about.

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Earlier this year, the author and actor spoke with CBC’s Q podcast about how he landed his book deal in the first place.