Consolidating my super for helloparty speed dating

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Consolidating my super for

One of the reasons why a consolidated account earns money faster is due to compound interest. The longer you have multiple super funds the longer you’re paying unnecessary administration fees and potentially earning less interest.

Consolidating your super funds into one is the quickest way to grow your super.

Why leave your super lying around in inactive accounts and pay fees for each one?

We make consolidating your super simple with our quick paperless online process.

So get things in order and grow your super balance faster.The more you have to invest, the faster you may be able to build your wealth for retirement.However you should consider your insurance arrangements before consolidating your accounts. You don’t have to work extra hours or pay more into your super fund, just merge them all into one. Let’s say 00 earns 10% interest in the first year. In the second year, your original investment of 00 has grown to 00 thanks to the 0 interest. This time you get 0 worth of interest after a year. Even with this very basic example you can see how quickly compound interest grows your money.Fill out our online request form to arrange the rollover of your super accounts into Hostplus.Employers have to make compulsory superannuation contributions on behalf of most employees.

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