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Well, you just can’t go wrong once you read these tips. So do you want to know how to get a guy to kiss you when you’re on a date? If there’s one thing that scares guys more than anything else, it’s a girl who backs away from a kiss hastily. A guy may like you a lot, but almost always, he’d wait to get a sign from you first, especially when it comes to leaning in for a wonderful first kiss. He may be worried about going too fast or he may be scared to kiss you.In order to date a shy guy, you need to be comfortable being the one who takes control and makes the moves… If you’ve ever had, or currently have, a crush on a shy guy, then you know how difficult it can be to deal with them.As a shy girl, I know that us quiet people can be a little hard to talk to.He’ll instinctively understand that you’re ready for a kiss, and may even make a move sooner than you think.

[Read: Signs that he’s into you] #1 Move in closer When you’re standing next to the guy after the date, don’t just stand an arm’s length away.As he comes closer to give you a hug and kiss your cheek goodbye, turn your face towards him ever so lightly so that both your lips almost touch each other’s, even better if you can get his lips to touch yours. He’ll realize that both your lips touched each other by “accident” and he may just smile at you awkwardly. Just look into his eyes and stare like there’s something he still has to do.And before you know it, he’ll be embraced in a passionate lip lock with you in no time!But if he doesn’t get the complete hint and ends up just blushing, use the next move. If you give him a sweet little kiss on the cheek and let the moment linger for a few seconds, it’ll immediately create enough of a sexual tension to force him to turn towards you and kiss your lips within seconds. [Read: How to seduce a guy] #6 Kiss him goodbye and linger If you want to know how to get a guy to kiss you, there can’t be any better way than to use this move as you say goodbye.[Read: How to be a seductress] #5 Kiss his cheek for no reason When you’re sitting next to him or standing next to each other, and there’s no one else around to make the moment feel awkward, lean into him either to whisper something or for no reason at all. If the guy you’ve just dated isn’t manning up or trying to initiate a kiss even when it’s almost time to say goodbye, it’s time to try this perfect move.

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