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We have several newspaper reports of the Jehovah’s Witnesses whose lives have been lost over the Watchtower policy against blood transfusions.

We say that this is a sick twisting of the carnage this Scripture-twisted Watchtower policy has wrecked upon many lives.

Jehovah’s Witnesses elders often show up at the hospital to pressure Jehovah’s Witness relatives to stay true to the Jehovah’s Witness policy against blood.

I am aware of the verse in the Bible that talks about not eating blood, but can you explain how eating blood refers to blood transfusions?

I have also heard that Jehovah’s Witnesses used to ban vaccinations and organ transplants. ” OUR RESPONSE: Dear Friend, Your question is a good one because there is a major inconsistency between the Jehovah’s Witness interpretation of the Biblical passages condemning the eating of blood and the actual act of transfusing blood into the body.

One report we have is about a mother who died after giving birth due to birth complications that resulted in serious loss of blood. The volume expanders that the Watchtower policy provided for her could not save her life because these volume expanders do not carry oxygen as only human blood can.

Not only does our ministry take a stand against this Watchtower policy, but some of the Watchtower’s own Hospital Liaison Committee of Jehovah’s Witness elders have even come out publicly on the Internet voicing their concerns over the current Jehovah’s Witness policy against blood.

You can view this dissident Jehovah’s Witness website at: For more articles from our website exposing the issue of Blood and Jehovah’s Witnesses, see: BLOOD TRANSFUSION SECRETS JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES ARE NOT TOLD: 12 Questions for Jehovah’s Witnesses on The Use of Blood WHY JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES DIE RATHER THAN ACCEPT A BLOOD TRANSFUSION NANCY’S STORY – How The Watchtower Policy On No Blood Transfusions Impacted My Family DOES GOD’S LAW ON BLOOD REQUIRE NO BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS? See The Charlotte Observer, Friday, June 25, 1999, p. See the testimony of Ex-Jehovah’s Witness Paul and Pat Blizzard at:

See the following quotes: We ask, how many Jehovah’s Witnesses died from the Society’s claim that organ transplants amounted to cannibalism?

How many Jehovah’s Witness children suffered from preventable childhood diseases due to the Society’s refusal to allow vaccinations?

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Furthermore, scientists affirm that one is not “eating” blood when the blood enters the body through the veins because the blood that is transfused into the veins functions like an organ of the body and merely replaces the blood lost during a surgical procedure or an injury.

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