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Some Neopets like to go on adventures, exploring ancient ruins, collecting treasure, and battling the forces of evil. In Wingoball you control the arm of a blue Mynci, moving your mouse cursor up and down within the playing area to change the angle of your shot.Others prefer to spend their weekends playing ball games in their gardens, banking shots off of potted plants and trying to avoid upsetting the gnomes. Once the arm is positioned at the desired angle, click to throw the ball.You could use this introduction when you teach your online course.By combining the two activities, the pet introduction with the professional introduction, I hope you will recognize how you need to change your tone of voice for different audiences and contexts.One way to capture the attention of your students is to start the course with a game. A game typically captures the imaginations of the students and sets the stage for an adventure. If you want to stimulate interaction with other students, you might start a sentence and have the students complete it. Other students love to see what others have written.

Consequently, you need to lay the groundwork, clarify course expectations, and ensure students feel comfortable, safe, and secure. The first step involves introductions – students getting to know you, you getting to know the students, and the students getting to know each other.Because community building is an important starting place for many online course models, we will explore some the most common and effective introductory assignments or ‘virtual ice breakers’ that construct the building blocks of your learning community.By the end of this session, you will be able to: (1). Ice breakers are starting to seem like fonts--we never have enough.After you have students introduce themselves (or combine the introduction with this activity), have them answer a few questions that are relevant to the course.For example, in an archaeology class, you might ask them what archaeological sites they have visited.

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In a history class, you could ask them to share a longheld family cultural tradition with the class.

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