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Sometimes this method is called Quick, Manual and, confusingly, Automatic.

This is a fast opening method that can take 2 to 3 minutes.

It can be used for meat stew-type recipes (where the meat is completely covered with liquid) – but not ones where tossing the other ingredients around would mush them.

Weighted or jiggle-type pressure cookers may not have this kind of release – we recommend either using Natural Release (see below) or simply using a fork tines to gently lift the weight and release pressure.

This is a relatively fast opening method and can take from 5 to 6 minutes depending on the pressure cooker type (the element in electrics still retains heat after turning off) and fill level (more food will retain more heat).

Similar to Normal release, this method releases pressure using the cooker’s valve, or the pressure releasing mechanism, but pressure should be released very slowly.

The difference in temperature between the food that comes out of the pressure cooker and the environment can affect the speed of evaporation.

If the valve only allows for pressure to release full-throttle, the cook should release it in very short bursts- if anything other than steam sprays out of the valve (like foam), the valve should be closed for 10 seconds before the next slow release or short burst.

The Slow Normal release is for occasions where it’s just not practical or convenient to wait for the full Natural or 10-Minute Natural release for tricky foods (grains, legumes and fruits).

This method is recommended for grains which continue to cook in the residual steam locked inside the cooker without any additional heat.

The 10-Minute Natural can also be used in place of Natural Release.

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Normal pressure release means that the cook should use the valve, or pressure releasing mechanism particular to their cooker (such as a button to push, a lever to twist, or a slide to pull), to release pressure.